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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bitter Betty

So a quick update on my "friend" who had her baby boy on Friday. Apparently he was having some issues with breathing and wasn't crying so they decided to send him up to the children's hospital for more care and to check his heart. Prayers were asked for and many were received and in the end, he ended up being fine. I changed my status to ask for prayers and never got a thank you from the family or even an update to know how he was doing. Maybe I just expected too much. And thinking back to her status she had made not wanting Friday to come, I can't help but think something turned out to be wrong with him because of it. I really and truly believe that Karma is a bitch, and hey, I probably am too. I take things much too personally and then when responding am usually way more blunt than I should be. I guess I should be lucky that I have any friends at all.

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