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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I haven't written a blog entry in a little over three months. WOW! It's not that I don't want to, I simply don't have the time. Having a little person sure takes up a lot of your time. Having to work full time probably doesn't help either. When I'm not working I'm with Selena and even when I'm off, getting on the computer to write a blog entry isn't on the top of my to do list. Fortunately, today I AM off from work, Selena is sleeping, and I got to get on the computer, woohoo! Now let's see if I can even come up with anything interesting to say...

Not a whole lot is new in my life. Selena's father is still watching here while I'm at work, which has been a huge help. I have to take her out to his place beforehand which is kind of a pain but at least I don't have to pay for a babysitter. Working in town helps too, with gas prices and all. We only live 2 miles away from where I work. Speaking of work, its going pretty well also. I'm finally not on noc shift anymore, now I work swing, or 1PM to 9:30PM. We have lost quite a few residents over the past few months and have had to cut back on staff, which has sucked, but we are making due. I usually had four RA's, but now only have three. I also have had to start doing the lunch and sometimes dinner dishes. If I don't have a lot of med aide stuff going on that day its no problem but if I have 8 people on alert who I need to get vitals on and also spend all that extra time doing dishes, I run out of time and quick! I have been finding ways to make it work though. And hopefully we will be getting more residents and can work on getting all our staff back to full time hours. I'm very thankful that my hours weren't cut, but having worked there now for almost 2 and a half years, I've been there the longest in the memory care unit. So no hour cuts for me! I've also still got that crush on a fellow employee, but I don't see it going anywhere. We text every now and then outside of work, but its always me who starts it and works to keep the convo going. I'm pretty sure he's not interested. : ( Oh well.

I've been really wishing I had a special guy in my life here lately. I know that Selena's father and I will never work out, and I'm okay with that. Who is going to want someone who already has a child though? I know, I know, there are guys like that out there, but when you find one, could you point him my way? There is one guy that I have been talking to, but his job keeps him so ridiculously busy that I don't know if it would work out. He knows about Selena and has met her and seemed like he was totally fine with it. Now that I think about it though, I haven't seen him since. He is still talking to me though, so hopefully he is still interested.

Selena was 8 months old on Mother's Day and is an absolute joy! She is eating baby food now and talking some. She says Ma Ma and Da Da all the time and seems to know which is which. She smiles and laughs and everything and everyone which has been awesome. I like to take her to work every now and then and she doesn't get afraid with all the older people crowding around to see her and hold her. She can sit up on her own and loves to roll around on the floor. She hasn't quite got around to crawling yet but scoots her way around to where ever she wants to go. I think developmentally she is doing fine. Last time she was weighed and measured she was in the 73rd percentile for her weight but only the 37th for her height! My short chubby little baby!

Well, I think this is probably enough of an "update" for now. Hope everyone is doing well and we will do this again soon. : )

Friday, February 4, 2011


How do you ask someone that you are working with out on a "date" without it being uncomfortable? Heck, how do you ask them if they want to hang out without them thinking your intentions are more than just hanging out? The guy that I do shift change with in the mornings is a really nice guy, and I've found myself developing a bit of a crush on him. Which is totally weird for me because I really haven't "crushed" on anyone since High School. Anyways, he's fun to talk to at work and I thought it would be cool to maybe hang out with him outside of the work environment. I'm a huge wussy though, so of course, I never asked. Plus, he is going through a divorce, with a woman he works with. Technically, she probably is one of my bosses. She has a new boyfriend though, and things seem to be okay between the two of them. Anyways, what is one to do? He's got two kids and I have my little one, he works days and I work nights, how would it even work? I'm probably putting way too much thought into it, but it would be nice to get out with someone new. I know that Selena's father and I will never be married, half the time I think we are just putting up with eachother for her sake. Is it so wrong to want a companion? I don't know...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bitter Betty

So a quick update on my "friend" who had her baby boy on Friday. Apparently he was having some issues with breathing and wasn't crying so they decided to send him up to the children's hospital for more care and to check his heart. Prayers were asked for and many were received and in the end, he ended up being fine. I changed my status to ask for prayers and never got a thank you from the family or even an update to know how he was doing. Maybe I just expected too much. And thinking back to her status she had made not wanting Friday to come, I can't help but think something turned out to be wrong with him because of it. I really and truly believe that Karma is a bitch, and hey, I probably am too. I take things much too personally and then when responding am usually way more blunt than I should be. I guess I should be lucky that I have any friends at all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have so had it with Facebook and all the drama that comes with it. Someone updates their status and you comment on it and get bitched out for putting in your two cents. If you don't want me to comment on it, don't put it as your status! Or people say things and then totally change it around as the comments come. A friend of mine is scheduled to have a C-Section on Friday. This is her first child. Earlier she updated her status to say "Friday DOES NOT need to come! Life is quickly turning in only one direction, and that is upside down... Terrified and not sure what to do to stop 1/14/2011 from getting here..." Is it just me or does it sound like she is scared to have the c-section? So of course people comment and say you'll be fine, no need to worry, blah blah blah. She then fires back with "The C-Section is not the issue guys lol...Just a long week already". Okay, that's understandable, but why the desire for the big day not to come? So I say are you dreading the fact that you will have no time for yourself whatsoever? Her comment? "Nope, just ready to find out what the future has in store for me next..." You are ready to find out what the future has in store for you but don't want Friday, ultimately the future, to come? WTF? Why I bothered commenting on her status in the first place is beyond me. I have gotten bitched out through emails, called all kinds of nasty names, had someone bad mouth my daughter, and anymore I just don't feel like its worth it. I am SERIOUSLY considering getting rid of it all together. I'm too old for this shit. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work

Well after being on maternity leave for close to four months, I had my first night back to work last night. I'm happy to say that I made it through the shift, but apparently it was pretty obvious that I was tired come early morning. I don't know how I used to stay up all night! Everybody working was glad to see me and have me back, which made it nice, but trying to catch up on four months of information is proving to be rather difficult. I work in an Assisted Living Facility in the Memory Care section and before my leave we had 24 residents living in our area. A couple unfortunately passed away and we have a few new faces as well. Each resident has a service plan, documenting their needs and level of care, and we also keep progress notes of each resident. Being a medication aide, I'm responsible for knowing what is included in both. That's a lot of reading! My administrator said I only needed to read the last couple of weeks, but I would feel better knowing everything I've missed. Call me crazy I guess. Working nights I have more free time than other shifts so I will eventually get caught up on everything. The hardest thing has been having to leave my little Selena at home. Thankfully I am currently living with my Mom so I know she is well taken care of and she already sleeps through the night so I don't have to worry about her keeping my Mom up, as she works during the day. I know they say it will get easier, but when? I guess like everything you just have to give it time. Little one is crying now so I must go. Will try to write more later. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011...

So here we are, January 1st, 2011. The first day of a new year! One of my resolutions this year is this blog. I have a lot of friends and family with blogs and I decided today that I was going to make one too! It is my hope that I will be able to use this blog as a creative outlet, as well as keep in touch with friends and family.

2010 was a good year for me. I found out I was pregnant in January, and I had my sweet bundle of joy on September 8th. My life is forever changed. I look forward to the new year and all that it holds, hopefully you will join me on that adventure through this blog!